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Chapter 7: After a while…


I woke up on my own bed. Then I remembered that I saw dad last night. 
I ran downstairs without caring how I looked like. I saw dad still sleeping on the sofa.
Actually, he wasn’t sleeping. He watched TV. ‘’Good morning dad’’ I yawned and I went to hug him.
‘’Morning’’ he said. ‘’Why did you sleep on the sofa’’ I asked. 
‘’Oh just… Just didn’t want to wake your mom’’ he said. 
I had so much to tell dad, but I didn’t want to bother him. He seemed tired. I’d have time for that later as well. Even though I hadn’t seen him in 10 months, I feel like he has been with me all the time.

Soon I remembered that I couldn’t say goodnight to Alex and Angela because they were already sleeping when I came. I ran upstairs over Alex’s room. I walked in and he was already awake. ‘’Morning’’ I went to give him a morning kiss. ‘’You know I’m really sorry for the last night. I just had so much to talk about with Ryan. 3 hours felt like 15 minutes’’ I explained. ‘’It’s okay.’’ he said tiredly. 
I think it was time for dad and Alex to meet. ‘’You know dad’s downstairs and awake. I think you guys should meet now’’ I said. Alex nodded and sighed. ‘’I’m so nervous. What if he won’t like me?’’ Alex asked laughing. ‘’Oh shut up. He sure will’’ I laughed.

We walked downstairs holding hands and I walked over dad. ‘’Dad…’’ I started. He looked at me and then he saw Alex with me. ‘’This is Alex… My boyfriend. ‘’ I introduced him.
Dad’s face expression wasn’t very good. He looked a bit angry. Alex was trying to shake hands with dad but dad didn’t do anything. ‘’Why didn’t you or your mother tell me you have a boyfriend?’’ dad asked.
‘’Dad, I did. On the phone and when you visited us in February and…’’ I explained.
Great, he didn’t remember… There was silent for a minute or so. Then dad was ready to shake hands with Alex. ‘’Richard, Richard Smith’’ he introduced. Dad wasn’t still looking too happy.
‘’Okay let’s go Alex’’ I said and I was about to walk away. ‘’Listen kid’’ dad said to Alex. 
‘’If you hurt her, I’m going to hurt you million times harder’’ Dad continued and Alex just nodded. ‘’Dad! Stop!’’ I was embarrassed. Seriously, that was just… Oh my god , I sighed. 

Before we walked away I had to tell dad about the surprise party tonight. Dad said it was okay, but he wasn’t too excited for it.


My phone rang. It was Ryan. 
‘’Hellooo!’’ I answered. ‘’So have you invited everyone who I told you to. Okay, can they all come?’’ I asked. At the same time I was eating lunch with Alex and Angela. Mom was shopping. Well, food-shopping… Dad was in his own home-office.
‘’Ow, Chaz can’t come? That’s terrible. I miss him as well’’ I said while cutting sausage with my other hand.
‘’Yeah, remember at 6pm!’’ I said. ’’Bye’’ I ended the call. 

‘’Who was it? Ryan?’’ Alex asked. I nodded and smiled. ‘’He seems nice. Taking care of everything etc’’ Angela said. I laughed it was true though, Ryan is very nice. ‘’Oh he is… Very, very nice.’’
‘’Yeah and he flirts with you…’’ Alex said. That was just ridiculous. ‘’ What the hell Alex?’’ I questioned.
‘’Excuse me but he is my good friend. He is not flirting with me, he is just being nice and friendly as always. I’ve known him since I was little. Besides, I’m with you’’ I continued. ‘’Does he know that?’’ Alex asked.
I rolled my eyes and said ‘’No, but he’ll see it tonight.’’ Alex was seriously being ridiculous, getting jealous for Ryan? Not cool, he knows Ryan has always been one of my best friends.


Everything was going very well. I was cooking with mom in the kitchen and Alex and Angela were making our yard look nicer. It’s not like no one cared about that though.

Me and mom made pizza and two different salads. Then mom had bought different drinks and candies and so on… We were putting them on buffet-table. 
Everything looked perfect. It was 5pm and it was my time to put some makeup on. 
‘’Is everything done now? Can I go to do my makeup now?’’ I asked from mom. She nodded and I walked outside to look for Alex and Angela so I could tell Angela she could come to do her makeup as well.
Then I saw them sitting in the snow. ‘’What the hell are you guys doing there?’’ I asked laughing.
‘’Nothing’’ they both said. ‘’Anyways, Angela you can come to do your makeup now.’’ I yelled and she stood up and walked after me.


I did my makeup and now I had to choose clothes. 
Maybe just skinny jeans or something? ‘’Julie! Come downstairs!’’ mom yelled. It was 5:30pm now.
I walked downstairs and to kitchen. I saw Pattie standing there. ‘’Oh my god Pattie!’’ I ran to give her a hug. ‘’I missed you so much!’’ I said. ‘’Missed you too Julie. Missed you too’’ she said. 
‘’You are so beautiful’’ I told to her. ‘’Aw thank you’’ Pattie said. 
I had so much to tell her as well. 
‘’Pattie, I have to go change clothes. Talk to you later, I have so much to tell’’ I said.
‘’Of course, Sandy has already told something’’ Pattie smirked. ‘’About your boyfriend’’ she continued. 
I rolled my eyes laughing and went to pick my clothes.

Okay so… Red skinny jeans maybe? Yes that’s good. Shirt? I just picked a white shirt with black stripes on it, and then I added some jewelry.
My outfit was simple, but I liked it.

I walked to Angela’s room and knocked. ‘’Come in!’’ she yelled. ‘’Are you ready?’’ I asked. 
She nodded. She was wearing a black dress. Good way Julie, Angela looks gorgeous in her dress and you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Well whatever. 

Then I went to knock Alex’s door and went in. He was wearing sweatpants and a white t-shirt. 
Well, I wasn’t the only one who wore casual clothes. ‘’Are you gonna wear those sweatpants?’’ I asked. He nodded. ‘’Is that a problem?’’ he asked. I shook my head.
‘’Let’s go’’ I said as I took his hand and leaded him downstairs. ‘’Angela you too’’ I yelled and she walked after us. ‘’Pattie, this is Alex my boyfriend and Angela my best friend’’ I introduced them. 
Pattie hugged them both. ‘’I’m Julie’s godmother’’ she explained. 
I heard the doorbell ring and I got nervous. Alex and Angela kept talking with Pattie and I walked to the door and opened it, it was Ryan. ‘’Hey! ‘’ I said. He greeted me back and hugged me and I saw Alex give him an angry look. Can he just stop? ‘’Others are coming soon. Justin will come a little after us so we can go to your dad’s office so we can surprise him there’’ Ryan explained and I nodded.

Since everyone had come, even the whole team without Chaz unfortunately and without Justin of course we walked to dad’s office. I knocked the door.
‘’Come in’’ dad said. We all went in. ‘’Sup Richard. So now, Justin is probably gonna call you in few minutes and you have to say that he can come here and then we will surprise us’’ Ryan explained to dad.
Dad nodded. Soon his phone rang. ‘’Hey Justin. Yes you can come to my office’’ dad said. 
I was getting so nervous. Soon Justin would open that door and I was afraid of his reaction.
We all heard Justin walk up the stairs and as he opened the door everyone screamed: ‘’Surprise!’’ 
Justin’s face was priceless. I walked over him ‘’Hey Justin. Good to see you again’’ I smiled.
He didn’t say anything, he just stood there his mouth open. I looked at him, he looked flawless. His skin was flawless, his eyes and just everything. He was so hot.
I waved my hand in front of his face. ‘’It’s me, Julie.’’ I said. He looked in my eyes. 
‘’What are you doing here?’’ he asked. ‘’ I came to surprise you’’ I smiled and hugged him. He just stood there. Was it really this bad to meet me again?
‘’Guys let’s go downstairs. There’s food and all.’’ Ryan said and went first.

While I was taking food I saw that Justin and Ryan were talking. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about but Justin didn’t look too happy.
I walked over to them and they looked at me. ‘’Fine.’’ Justin answered to Ryan while looking at me. Whatever Ryan had said to him.
‘’So?’’ I asked. ‘’So what?’’ Justin asked. I looked at his hair. He had put it up with some gel or something. Then I looked at his eyes and then his nose and from his nose to his lips and then I looked back to his eyes. Wow, you could get lost in them if you weren’t careful. 
‘’Are you gonna say hi to me or what?’’ I asked. ‘’Hi.’’ he said. I looked at Ryan and he shrugged.
Then Alex and Angela walked over me. Alex wrapped my waist. ‘’Oh… Ryan and Justin this is my boyfriend Alex and this is my best friend Angela’’ I introduced them. ‘’And Alex and Angela… This is Justin and Ryan’’ I said. I saw that Angela was lost in Ryan and Justin like a puppy dog. She was looking at them. 
‘’Nice to meet you both.’’ Ryan said. ‘’You too.’’ Alex answered while they shook hands. Justin just nodded and he was looking at Angela. The whole situation was kind of awkward for a while. ‘’So boyfriend? You didn’t tell me Julie.’’ Ryan laughed. ‘’Oh, you didn’t ask’’ I laughed. 

Ryan and Angela were talking together. They seemed to get along quite well. Justin was just standing there and looking at his phone. Alex was still grabbing my waist. ‘’Oh c’mon. Give me a hug Justin!’’ I said and spread my arms. He looked up and down. ‘’Sorry, I don’t hug unavailable girls.’’ he said annoyingly. 
‘’It’s alright! We’re friends. Right Alex?’’ I asked. ‘’It sure is.’’ Alex said while he looked at Justin.
Justin looked so fine in his black skinny jeans and a white V-neck. 
‘’No seriously. I’ll pass. I have to talk with your dad anyway. So talk to you later then, Julie.’’ he said and walked away. Since when did he become this rude?
I got a little upset. ‘’What’s wrong with him?’’ I asked Ryan. ‘’I don’t know. You want me to talk with him?’’ Ryan asked. ‘’Please do… I don’t want this to be like this for the rest of the night. I thought he would’ve been happy for meeting me again.’’ I sighed and went to get some food with Alex.


Richard asked me to come to his house to talk about hockey or something. 
I called him outside his house. ‘’Can I come in?’’ I asked. He said that I could come to his office.
I walked up the stairs and opened the door. Soon everyone in the room yelled ‘’Surprise!’’
The whole team was there, mom, Richard, two strangers, Sandy, Julie? What, did I see Julie there? 
I looked at her again and yes, it was Julie. She had changed a lot, but I still recognized it was her.
She walked over me and I didn’t know what to say. She greeted me, but I was frozen.
‘’What are you doing here?’’ I asked, since she was the last person I wanted to meet now.

Soon we were downstairs eating or some shit. Ryan said that I should try to behave.
Yes, I can behave. I could behave even better if he would’ve told me. 
‘’Why didn’t you tell me about this?’’ I asked. ‘’It wouldn’t have been a surprise.’’ he said.
‘’Just try to behave. This means a lot to Julie.’’ Ryan said. Then I saw Julie walk over us.
I looked at her ‘’Fine.’’ I said. 

‘’So?’’ she asked. What is she about? This is gonna be a long night, I thought. 
‘’So what?’’ I asked. ‘’ Are you gonna say hi to me or what?’’ she asked.
This girl, always so sassy. ‘’Hi.’’ I simply said. 
Justin you can do this, I told to myself. Soon those 2 strangers came and the guy wrapped Julie from behind. Her boyfriend then? Yes, I was 100% sure about it. This other chick was checking me out, yes I noticed it. It got quite annoying after a while.
Julie introduced us and Ryan was acting so cool, but I just nodded.
Then it was my turn to check this Angela chick out. Okay, yes… She was quite hot. Tall, blonde, nice eyes… Probably stupid as fuck though. Not my type, good for Ryan.

I heard Julie begging for a hug. ‘’Sorry, I don’t hug unavailable girls.’’ 
She said that it’s okay because we’re friends. I’m not gonna hug her. I’ve got my own reasons.
‘’No seriously. I’ll pass. I have to talk with your dad anyway. So talk to you later then, Julie.’’ I said.
I saw her getting annoyed so I just walked away to get something to drink.

I noticed Ryan come after me. We took two bottles of coke.
‘’What’s wrong with you? You are so fucking weird. ‘’ Ryan asked. 
‘’Nothing…’’ I said while eating. ‘’Seriously stop. You are getting even on my nerves. No wonder Julie got upset. You act like a douche Justin.’’ Ryan said. 
‘’Who are you? My dad?’’ I questioned. Ryan rolled his eyes knowing that I didn’t want to talk about this.
‘’Can’t you just act polite or something and talk with Julie?’’ he asked.
‘’Why?’’ I asked. ‘’She missed you so much.’’ he said. 
‘’I didn’t miss her.’’ I said. Ryan rolled his eyes again and raised his eyebrow. ‘’Seriously… She made all this just for you.’’ he said. 
Wow. For me? Fucking great. I didn’t ask for it though. 
‘’I’ll try.’’ I sighed.

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