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Chapter 6: Wow… 

I carried my luggage in my room. I looked around it and I liked it so much more than my room in New Jersey. I tried my bed and I remembered how soft it was. 
I heard a knock on my door and I looked over there. Mom of course. ‘’How do you like it?’’ mom asked. 
‘’ Just as much as before’’ I chuckled. Mom looked around and opened her mouth and then shut it. 
‘’What were you about to say?’’ I asked. ‘’Oh nothing… Just that I showed Alex and Angela their guestrooms. ‘’ she answered. ‘’I’m not sure if I’ll be sleeping there much tho!’’ Alex yelled and I saw him smirking behind mom. I shook my head laughing.


Mom was making dinner in the kitchen and I walked downstairs. Alex and Angela were setting their clothes in the closets, I had already done that a long time ago.
‘’When will we see dad?’’ I asked from mom. ‘’I don’t know. He is probably busy with coaching… Again’’ mom answered. As usual. Dad is always coaching. 
‘’ Hopefully we’ll see him tonight’’ I sighed. Mom nodded and continued cooking.
I received a text message. It was from Ryan.

‘’Already here? :)‘’

‘’Yeah! I’ve already set all the things to their own places etc! :)’’

‘’Wanna meet 2nite? :) ‘’ 

My eyes widened… With Justin or without Justin? 

‘’Umm… Without Justin or with Justin?’’ I typed.

Soon I received a message again.

‘’Without of course… So we can plan the surprise or something :) silly ‘’ 

I let a deep breath out. I smiled.
Me and Ryan planned an appointment for tonight at 8pm. At the park next to the ice rink. 

‘’Mooooom… Me and Ryan planned a meeting for tonight’’ I smiled.
‘’Really? Is Justin coming?’’ Mom asked. ‘’Nah… And about that. We’re planning a surprise party for tomorrow. Could we organize it here?’’ I made a puppy dog face.
‘’Probably… Have to talk with Richard though. And what time?’’ Mom asked.
‘’What’s with this Richard thing? Anyways, I have to talk about it with Ryan. But it’s okay?’’ I asked again and mom nodded. I jumped of excitement. 

I ran upstairs so I could tell to Alex and Angela. I knocked to Alex’s door. ‘’Come in!’’ he yelled and Angela was there as well. ‘’What are you guys doing here?’’ I asked laughing. ‘’Oh nothing’’ Angela said.
I rolled my eyes. ‘’Anyways I’m meeting Ryan tonight. We’re gonna plan the surprise for Justin.’’ I explained. ‘’When, what time?’’ Alex asked. ‘’8pm, at the park’’ I said. Alex nodded and asked if he and Angela would come with me. Why not? I thought. It’s also safer than just going alone when it’s dark etc.
‘’Of course you can come, but I’d rather talk alone with Ryan. At least at first.’’ I laughed. 
They both nodded and laughed as well. Yes, we do laugh at everything for no reason.


I was putting some make up on, only like mascara. I made a ponytail and changed my sweatpants to jeans and I put on my winter jacket and my boots. 
‘’Alex, Angela! Are you guys ready?’’ I yelled. ‘’Yeah!’’ Alex yelled back and walked over me and he hugged me tight. ‘’Aww’’ I said. ‘’You are so cuddly!’’ I laughed. ‘’Okay, I’m ready too!’’ Angela came over us too. But she was wearing a hoodie and jeans. ‘’Angela… It’s cold outside. Don’t you have a winter jacket with you?’’ I asked. She shook her head. ‘’I’ll cope with this’’ she said. I nodded . ‘’Mom we’re leaving. See you soon!’’ ‘’Bye!’’ She yelled back. 

We were walking down the street. ‘’Wow, it’s really cold in here.’’ Angela complained. ‘’That’s what I told you.’’ I said. 

We didn’t really talk anything. Angela probably didn’t bother because she was so cold. And I? I was just so excited to meet Ryan again. Then we saw the ice rink from the far, we walked a little bit closer.
‘’They’ve renovated the main doors a little. Looks good!’’ I said. ‘’So yeah, this is the ice rink’’ I continued. 


The practice had just stopped. Last ones for this year. The team and I were in the changing rooms. Richard of course as well. ‘’Good job guys. Let’s continue the great work next year. ‘’ Richard said. 
‘’Justin will continue as the captain as well. Does someone has something to say against this?’’ Richard continued and everyone shook their heads. ‘’Yeah… Next year has to be even better than this and if we all just practice even more our team will be perfect so yeah. Thanks for this year’’ I said. They all just nodded.
Richard left and soon many of the other boys as well. 
Just Ryan and I were left. Usually we are the last ones. I wiped my skates and put them in my bag.
I put little better clothes on since we are going to some party with Ryan. If I can remember right, it’s Christian’s sister’s party.

We walked outside and I was about to walk over my car. ‘’Uh, you can go there before me. I’ve got a thing to do.’’ Ryan said. ‘’What thing?’’ I asked. ‘’Mom asked me to do something at home’’ he said. 
I raised my eyebrow. ‘’Okay, I can give you a ride’’ I said. ‘’No, I can walk. It’s okay’’ he said.
I nodded ‘’See ya then buddy’’ I said as I made our special handshake with him then I walked away.


I was looking at my phone through my Facebook etc… ‘’Hey Julie! Isn’t that Ryan!’’ Angela asked.
I looked up over two guys. Yes, the other one was Ryan. I nodded to Angela. ‘’I noticed him because of his profile picture. He’s quite good looking’’ Angela said. I laughed. ‘’Nothing special’’ Alex said. 
‘’Shut up Alex. You’re just jealous’’ Angela laughed at him. I rolled my eyes.
‘’Who’s the other guy’’ Angela asked. I tried to focus my look on his face, but I couldn’t see him properly. 
‘’I can’t see. Probably one of the team players’’ I said. Angela nodded and continued ‘’Damn he’s hot though. Even his neck. Fuck, sorry he just is.’’ I started laughing and we saw how they made a handshake 
and the other guy walked away. 


Gotta admit, he was frigging hot. I wish I could’ve seen properly so I might have recognized him. Hmm, I have to ask Ryan then. I saw Ryan walking to the park.

‘’Guys I got to go. Will you wait here for me or?’’ I asked. ‘’Yeah we will.’’ Alex said and he hugged me as he tried to warm me up. ‘’Okay bye haha’’ I said.

I saw Ryan standing there and he was looking at his phone. Soon I received a text message.

‘’Where r u? ’’ It was from Ryan of course. He is always so impatient. Besides it was 7:55pm.

I walked a little faster closer to him. ‘’I’m right here!’’ I yelled. He looked up and his eyes widened. I ran over him and hugged him. ‘’Hey’’ he said. ‘’I missed you so so so much’’ I said almost crying.
We pulled out of the hug. ‘’You’re quite hot’’ I said to Ryan. ‘’You aren’t so bad yourself either’’ Ryan said and we laughed. I wiped away my tears. ‘’Aww don’t cry.’’ he said as he stroked my shoulder.
It was silent for a minute. Then I started to talk again. ‘’Aren’t you cold? It’s December and you’re wearing those clothes oh gosh.’’ I said. ‘’A little. We’re going to a party tonight.’’ he said.
‘’We?’’ I questioned. ‘’Yeah, me and Justin and the rest of the team. Justin went there already since I had to meet you’’ he said laughing. ‘’Wait…. That guy who was with you … Was Justin?’’ I questioned.
‘’Yeah? You didn’t recognize him?’’ He asked.
‘’What? It can’t be him! He was fucking hot like what happened. I don’t say he was ugly before but like he was super cute back then and now he is like super-hot.’’ I explained.
‘’Believe me, it was Justin… haha. Calm down Julie’’ Ryan said. I was amused. Justin had became frigging hot and… But it was dark. Eyes can lie to you in dark. 

‘’Is it okay if we go into that coffee place we used to go? I’m cold haha’’ Ryan asked. I nodded and we walked there. 

‘’What do you want? I can pay’’ he said. ‘’Umm… Just hot chocolate thanks’’ I said.
I went to a table and Ryan came back with two hot chocolates. I tasted it and it tasted flawless.

‘’So how’s life?’’ I asked Ryan. ‘’Good. Mainly playing hockey’’ he said. ‘’Yours?’’ he asked.
‘’Umm, good. I just missed this place so much and you guys of course. How’s Justin by the way?’’ I asked. 
He thought what to say. ‘’He is good. But when you meet him tomorrow. You might get surprised. And I’m not talking about his looks.’’ he explained. ‘’What then?’’ I asked. ‘’You’ll see.’’
We were talking just this and that with Ryan.
He was just like he had been 3 years ago. ‘’So the party?’’ he asked. ‘’Yeah… I was thinking about dad’s house. Do you think it’s okay?’’ I asked. ‘’Sure. It’s easy to lie something about Richard or something so Justin won’t guess anything.’’ Ryan explained. I nodded. ‘’I was thinking about just making food and something like that. Just you, me, mom, Christian, Chaz etc…’’ Ryan nodded and suddenly I saw how he greeted someone. ‘’Hey Ryan’’ the guy said. Ryan said hi back to him and the guy just ordered some coffee and before he left he looked at me and Ryan with raised eyebrows. 
‘’Who is he?’’ I asked. ‘’John… Moved here about a year and half ago.’’ Ryan explained. ‘’Oh,’’ I nodded.

Soon my phone started to ring. It was Alex. ‘’We’ve waited for here 2 hours. We are going back to your dad’s house now. Angela is freezing. You know she only has a hoodie on.’’ Alex said and he sounded angry. 
‘’Oh, sorry I totally forgot! Sorry, I’m really sorry. Okay, I’ll come probably very soon.’’ I said and ended the call. 
‘’Something wrong?’’ Ryan asked. ‘’No or… Kind of. I forgot my friends outside there for like 2 hours.’’ I explained. ‘’Friends? From New Jersey?’’ he asked. I nodded and smiled. ‘’You’ll meet them tomorrow then’’ I laughed. ‘’ Hot chicks? ‘’ Ryan winked. I rolled my eyes, of course Ryan was gonna ask that.
‘’one… yeah’’ I laughed. ‘’Only one? Well that’s enough then’’ Ryan laughed.
‘’I better go home. See you tomorrow! Remember dad’s house at 6pm. and don’t forget to bring Justin!’’ I laughed. He nodded and we both stood up. ‘’Goodbye’’ I said as I hugged Ryan. 
‘’Bye’’ he waved. 

I already walked outside and it was dark. Even though the streetlights were on. I walked back in and Ryan was about to leave as well. ‘’You came back haha?’’ he questioned. ‘’Yeah, it’s dark outside. Can you walk me home?’’ I laughed. He raised his eyebrow. ‘’Yeah, you were scared of dark, weren’t you?’’ I nodded laughing.


We were almost at home. ‘’Justin won’t be too glad since I said this is only gonna take an hour or so… Almost three hours went by’’ Ryan said. ‘’We have so much to talk about!’’ I chuckled. 
‘’Yeah, we seriously have to talk more tomorrow’’ Ryan said and I agreed again.
We reached the door. ‘’Okay so now goodbye.’’ I said. ‘’Bye haha’’ he said. ‘’Shit I forgot that you don’t even have a winter jacket! Are you freezing?’’ I asked. ‘’No, I’m fine. See you tomorrow’’ 
‘’See ya.’’ 
I slammed the door closed. Damn, it was good to talk to Ryan again.
I walked to kitchen to drink some water. I saw that the TV was on in the living room. I saw someone sleeping on the sofa. I walked closer to see. ‘’Dad!’’ I yelled as I noticed it was him.
He opened his eyes. ‘’Julie?’’ he asked and pulled me into a hug. 
I missed dad so much.  



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