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Chapter 5: This is what I call home.


The week passed by and I was packing my suitcases. Angela’s parents said yes and that meant that she was really coming with us. I was way too excited.
‘’Julie, do you really need two suitcases?’’ mom asked. ‘’Of course I do! I don’t risk anything. I need a lot of clothes with me’’ I answered. ‘’We need to pay for that. Couldn’t you just take one suitcase and you can buy rest of the clothes from Canada’’ she explained. I was thinking. They don’t sell that much good clothes in Canada. USA has more to offer, but oh well. ‘’Plus, it’s just a holiday. You don’t need to pack everything with you.’’ she continued. ‘’Well, can I buy anything I want in Canada?’’ I asked with a smirk. 
‘’Yes. But you know the limits, don’t you?’’ mom asked. I just nodded and laughed. 

I was talking with Angela on the phone at night. ‘’ Have you packed everything yet?’’ Angela asked. ‘’Umm , yeah. Pretty much. Have you?’’ I asked. ‘’Not yet. I seriously don’t know what to pack!’’ she said confused. ‘’We’ll leave tomorrow Angela! You better hurry alright!’’ I yelled laughing at her. ‘’Yeah yeah yeah… I know. I better continue packing then. See you tomorrow’’ she said. ‘’Byeee’’ I ended the call.

I searched everything on my phone. Facebook etc…
I typed on my wall :

‘’Back to Canada tomorrow, can’t wait. I miss everyone in there so much <3<3 See ya tomorrow 

Since Justin doesn't even use Facebook anymore and I'm not sure if I'm even his friend there, I didn't have to worry for him to see my status.

Right then I saw that someone liked my status already. I clicked it and I noticed it was Angela.
''Angela you need to pack!!!'' I typed the message and sent it to her.

Then I typed a message to Alex:
‘’ Goodnight <3 I love u so much. Remember that the flight leaves tomorrow at 10am. We’ll pick u up. :D’’

I received a goodnight message back. I made sure that I had packed everything. Yup, I was ready for tomorrow. 


‘’Julie, hun wake up!’’ Mom was shaking me. ‘’What time is it?’’ I asked while rubbing my eyes.
‘’6 Am. You need to wake up, we have to leave at 7:30.’’ she yawned because she was so tired.
I yawned a couple of times as well. I jumped out of my bed, took a cold shower and put clothes on.
My outfit today was; black skinny jeans, grey college shirt (with California printed with black on it) and USA’s flag supras. I actually liked my outfit. I also picked up my black bag.

I walked downstairs to kitchen and it was so slippery that I almost fell. ‘’Shit!’’ I screamed out of fear. ‘’Julie! Language!’’ mom yelled. I sighed and rolled my eyes. ‘’ Yeah yeah’’ I said as I sat on the table. ‘’Can you please make me breakfast?’’ I asked and made a puppy dog face. ‘’Already have. Two fried eggs and bacon’’ mom smiled as she put the plate in front of me. ‘’ Thanks! ‘’ I said surprised. ‘’How come are you so happy?’’ I continued. ‘’ Just happy that you’re happy. By the way, when we leave you have to send a message to dad, ok?’’ mom questioned. I nodded while eating bacon.

I was fighting with my hair. I had no idea what to do to with them. ‘’ Mom! What time is it now?’’ I yelled downstairs from my room. ‘’7:20, hurry up!’’ she yelled. ‘’I try, but I have no idea what to do to my hair! Help me mom’’ I yelled back. I always ask my mom to help me with my hair and makeup. She has a good fashion sense and she knows all the tricks. I heard mom walk to my room. She was ready already.
‘’ Oh, your hair is so wavy’’ she laughed. It’s not funny at all. I hate my hair. ‘’Well. Since we’re a little busy now. Is it okay if I make you a nice fish braid?’’ she continued. I nodded and sighed. I wondered how many times I had sighed this morning. Maybe I was just nervous?

Mom and I threw the suitcases to the trunk. We left our house just in time. First we picked up Angela and she looked gorgeous as always. I’m super jealous. ‘’Morning!’’ she greeted with a smile as she sat at the backseat. ‘’Good morning ‘’ mom and I said at the same time. Then we made our way to Alex’s.
‘’Hey’’ he yawned. ‘’Morning’’ I said. ‘’ Awe, are you tired baby?’’ I continued. He chuckled and nodded.

Our trip to back Canada, started officially now.



Our flight was about to leave in 10 minutes. We were already on the plane. I typed a quick message to Ryan. 

''Hey, we're on the plane now. We'll leave at 10. See you soon :) -Julie''

Then I remember that I had to send a message to dad as well. 

'' Hi daddy, I'm not sure when you're gonna see this but hopefully soon. :)
We're now on the plane and our flight will leave at 10. See you soon, love ya <3''

I looked out the window and saw many other airplanes. Well, it's usual since this is the airport but anyways.
''Julie, why couldn't I get a window seat'' Angela asked over Alex, since Alex was sitting next to me. 
''Because... You can have a window seat when we come back'' I said with a smile. Mom was sitting next to Angela but the corridor was between them. ''How long does this flight take by the way?'' Alex asked.
I didn't really remember. ''Like 3 hours?'' I questioned. Alex rolled his eyes and asked mom.
''Umm Sandy, how long does this flight take?'' he asked again, but now from mom. ''About an hour and a half. Not too long'' Mom said. 

Soon the plane started and we were already flying.

Gladly the flight went well and now we were waiting for our luggage. ''Have you texted Richard yet'' mom asked. ''Richard?'' I questioned. ''Your dad silly.'' mom said. I raised my eyebrow. ''I'll do it now. Weird tho, you've never called him Richard before'' I said. I texted dad that we had arrived. 

''That's definitely my luggage! I can see it from the far. My pink bag'' Angela yelled and she ran to get it.
I rolled my eyes at how excited she was. Then I saw my bag coming and I went to get it. 
'' I like the color, purple'' Alex said. I smiled knowing that it was Justin's favorite color.
Alex was telling me some story how he flew the Europe and it was a big mess. I looked at his ocean blue eyes. I could stare at them forever. His dark brown hair fitted his face perfectly. 
''Julie. What are you looking at?'' Alex asked. I shook my head ''Oh nothing... Do we all have our luggage now?'' I asked as I looked around. Everyone nodded.

We walked outside the Toronto Airport with our luggage. ''Bus or a cab?'' I asked.
''Cab... Bus takes for so long.'' Mom explained. We ran to a cab and the driver put our luggage in.
'' Where? '' The driver asked. Mom told him our old address and he knew the place.
''Do you guys know Richard... Richard Smith?'' The driver asked. ''Yes. I'm his wife and this girl right here is his daughter'' Mom explained. The driver nodded raising his eyebrow a bit.

The cab driver parked in front of our house. Mom paid the cab and I jumped out of the car.
I stood in front of our house and looked at it. ''You know... This is what I call home'' I said.
''Julie! You didn't tell that your house is fucking awesome!'' Angela screamed next to my ear.
''Yeah! It's so different from your NJ-home'' Alex agreed. I nodded.

Home sweet home, I thought as I opened the door and walked in.

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