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Chapter 4: I’ve made my decision…


‘’What? Is it really you? Wow… Tell me then.’’ I heard Ryan talk on phone. ‘’Oh… Well, welcome’’ he laughed. ‘’Nothing, heh’’ Ryan looked at me confused. ‘’Who is it?’’ I asked. He was kicking the ground while he talked. ‘’Keep me updated then. Okay, yes you can always call me.’’ Other boys had a little lead over, because Ryan was slow while he talked on phone and I? I definitely wanted to know who Ryan was talking to. He had that kind of confused smile that I had never seen before. 

Ryan ended the call and I looked at him. ‘’What?’’ he chuckled. ‘’Who was it?’’ I asked. ‘’ You don’t know her’’ he said. ‘’ You have friends that I don’t know?’’ I questioned while I fixed my hair with my right hand. ‘’Yeah, why couldn’t I have?’’ he raised his eyebrow. ‘’Well… The guys from our team are our closest friends. Then we have our friends from school and, you know? Oh and it’s a girl? Now tell me Ryan!’’ I laughed. I really wanted to know if he had a girlfriend. Of course, as his best friend I need to know if he has one. ‘’Okay.’’ he said. ‘’Okay?’’ I questioned. ‘’It was my mom’’ he said. First I didn’t say anything then I burst out laughing. ‘’What? You really think that I believe that?’’ I laughed even more. He simply nodded. ‘’ You said I don’t know her. I do know your mom Ryan.’’ I said. ‘’ C’mon. It was my mom. It’s just really awkward when she calls me, okay’’ Ryan explained nervously. ‘’Wow, I thought you would’ve finally found a girlfriend. What was I even thinking?’’ I laughed. He looked pissed off, but I just laughed. ‘’Hey bro… It was just a joke, wtf.’’
‘’Are you guys coming?’’ Christian yelled from the far. ‘’ Yeah! We just had a little problem.’’ Ryan yelled back. Damn, he is definitely hiding something. If it was really his mom, why was he so frigging confused.


‘’Yes, It’s really me’’ I laughed to Ryan on the phone. ‘’ So… I was planning to come back to Canada for Christmas holiday. Do you think it’s a good idea?’’ I continued. 
‘’ Oh, well welcome’’ he said. ‘’What is that oh supposed to mean, Ryan?’’ I asked. 
‘’ Nothing heh…’’ he said. His voice had gotten so deep in a while. ‘’So yeah. I’ll come there then. Can I call you when I want to?’’ I asked. ‘’Keep me updated then. Okay, yes you can always call me’’ he said. ‘’Thanks, bye!’’ I said as I ended the call. 
It felt so good to talk to Ryan again. Now I was sure that I wanted to go to back to Canada. I want to surprise Justin, that’s why I don’t want to tell him. Maybe he wouldn’t answer my call anyway? The usual. 

I walked very slowly back to home. I put my headphones in my ears and put the music on full volume. My favorite way to escape. Since I reached my home door I walked in and mom was in the kitchen. ‘’Hi?’’ I said to her. ‘’Hi…’’ she said back.
‘’Where’s Alex and Angela’’ I asked confused. ‘’ They left somewhere together… Probably their own homes. You were kind of rude hon , but I understand’’ she said.
‘’Oh yeah, well… Sorry. Should I call them? Because I have decided now.’’ I sighed.
She nodded with a small smile. Why is everyone so silent? I wondered. I chose Angela from my shortcuts. ‘’Hey Angela… I’m sorry that I was so angry at the morning. Can you come to my house, I have something to tell you, Alex and to mom of course.’’ I said. ‘’It’s okay, I’ll sure come.’’ she simply answered. Then I called to Alex and he promised to come as well. 

I was sitting at our kitchen table my headphones in my ears. ‘’Should I make some coffee or?’’ mom asked. ‘’Yeah, why not. It’d be nicer to discuss with a cup of coffee and something to eat’’ I smiled. Mom started to cover the table and she made the coffee too. ‘’Do you need help?’’ I asked. ‘’ Could you cut the pie? and put some cupcakes on a plate’’ she said. I nodded. Our conversation was kind of freezing, I felt embarrassed, because I had been so rude to mom. It’s not her fault that I miss home so much. Or it kind of is, because we moved here and we don’t go to Canada that often and dad doesn’t come here that often, but I don’t blame her. 

The doorbell rang and I ran over there. Alex and Angela came together. ‘’Hi!’’ I laughed. They both hugged me. ‘’What now?’’ I asked. ‘’ Sorry that we broke the frame.’’ Alex said. ‘’No worries! It’s nothing. I was just tired and I freaked out for no reason. It’s okay’’ I smiled and I walked to kitchen.
‘’ We made some coffee for you guys and a pie. Oh and cupcakes! Angela’s favorites’’ mom told to Alex and Angela. We all sat down and I started laughing. They asked me what’s wrong. ‘’ I don’t know. Nothing, I just… This is so weird. To sit around the table so formally. Let’s try to make this not so awkward’’ I laughed. Then we all laughed together.

I took a pie on my plate and I started to eat it. ‘’ So…’’ I said with a lot of pie in my mouth. ‘’Mom… I’d like to go to Canada for the Christmas holiday’’ I smiled. ‘’I mean… If it’s really okay to you’’ I continued. ‘’Oh… It sure is! It’s amazing! First I thought that you didn’t want to go. Of course we’ll go there if you want to, sweetie’’ she said. ‘’But I was wondering if either Alex or Angela would like to come with me, so I don’t feel all alone without them.’’ I said. ‘’I’d love to!’’ they both said together. ‘’We can only offer one person… If you both want to come one of you have to buy a ticket with your own money’’ mom said sadly. ‘’Umm, yeah… ‘’ I sighed. 
We were thinking what to do. ‘’Well, I think my parents can offer my ticket’’ Alex said with a smile. ‘’Really?’’ I said excited as I jumped over Alex and kissed him. ‘’Okay, so I can buy your ticket Angela… If you want to come of course’’ mom said to her. ‘’I sure do! I have to ask my parents though, but I’m sure they’ll say yes, so yes… I’ll come!’’ We were all so happy again… We didn’t have any drama, because of me. Finally I kind of made our relations better. ‘’ I can’t wait to meet your dad since you say he is so awesome’’ Alex laughed. ‘’ You better be scared… He won’t be happy to meet you… Just kidding’’ I laughed. I couldn’t stop smiling. Alex would meet my dad and Angela would meet all my old friends and I’d meet them again as well and it’d be just so awesome! 

Alex and Angela were about to leave. ‘’When were we leaving again?’’ Angela asked. ‘’Mom tries to get tickets for a flight which leaves in a week’’ I said. ‘’Okay! I hope my parents will say yes.’’ she giggled. ''They better say! Tell them that it’s for good!’’ I smiled and I was still kind of freaking out because I was so excited. ‘’Okay we have to go’’ Alex said. ‘’ Yep, bye’’ I said as I hugged and kissed him. ‘’You guys mean the world to me… Bye’’ I said smiling as I closed the door. 

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