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 Chapter 3: I don't like you, alright..


After Alex and Angela left somewhere, I slept about 2 hours. When I woke up, I was much happier.
I picked up my phone and I looked after my headphones, but I couldn’t find them. So I put some music playing without them.

‘’There’s only so many songs that I can sing to pass the time. And I’m running out of things to do to get you off my mind’’

‘’All I have is this picture in a frame, that I hold close to see your face everyday.’’ I sang as I looked at the picture. - I need to buy a new frame, I thought. 

‘’With you is where I’d rather be, but we’re stuck where we are& it’s so hard, you’re so far.... This long distance is killing me.’’

‘’ I wish that you were here with me, but we’re stuck where we are& it’s so hard, you’re so far...’’

‘’This long distance is killing me....’’ I stopped singing.

After listening a couple of songs, I stood up, took a shower and changed clothes. Some relaxing black pants,a pink top and a dark blue hoodie with a zipper. Then I just made a pony tail and I was ready to go for a little walk. I needed some fresh air. I put on my red converse and walked out of my room.

I heard Alex and Angela downstairs talking to mom. I stopped behind the corner and listened, what they were saying. - Honestly... I don’t think she is alright, Angela said. - Yeah... She is down. It’s not normal to freak over a picture. You can always buy new frames, Alex said. - I think she misses Canada, Alex continued. - Think so? But Justin and Julie bought that frame together.. I think that’s why she freaked out, mom explained. 
Yep, we bought it together.. But that’s not the main reason. Gosh...I listened a little more.
- Really? That explains something.. But it’s still kind of crazy, Alex said. Oh thanks a lot.. They think that I’m out of my mind. No I’m fucking not. - Yeah! She was listening to Bruno Mars’ ‘’Long Distance’’.. I think she wants to go back to Canada and see Justin, Angela said. 
- I already told her that we can go there for holidays... But does she want to move there too? Mom asked. Alex and Angela shrugged. - Of course, I wanna move there. What are you even thinking? I whispered. 

They still talked something about me, but I just simply walked through the kitchen. - Oh... Julie. Hi, mom said. I nodded and walked to the door... - Me and Angela bought you a new frame! Alex yelled.
- Cool, I said with no emotions. - Is something wrong? He asked. - No? I questioned. - I’ll just go for a walk, I continued. - I’ll come with you! - No... I wanna go alone, I said as I walked out of the door.

As I was walking, I put playing some stupid songs, so I’d just forget everything for a second. I mean, it’s not that my life is bad, but I just wanna go to Canada.. That’s why I’ve been complaining for a while. I wonder if Justin even thinks of me... Because I’m thinking of him all the time.


I was at Starbucks with Ryan, Chaz, Christian and couple of other boys of the team. We were having fun, just laughing and talking shit. - Did you see that guy? It was so hilarious. He cóuldn't even play! Chaz yelled. - Yeah! That guy was like ‘’what is that black shit moving on ice’’, haha, Christian said.
We were talking about our game. It was on this morning. I was so tired, that I just laughed with the boys. But trust me, that guy really looked so funny.

- Justin... Look who is coming, Chaz said and pointed at the door. - What? I questioned. - Look! At the door, he said again. I turned my head and looked at there. Crystal and her friends. I swear that girl is stalking me... - Oh shit, I whispered. The boys laughed. The girls walked over us with smirks on their faces. - Hi boys, Crystal said and the rest of the girls said it after her. - Hey Justin, she said. I just nodded and sighed. Crystal made her own way in the middle of me and Ryan. - How are you? She asked from me. - Good. I simply said and didn’t make any compliments. I was tired of her.
The boys could still talk with others and the girls. But Crystal wouldn’t let me talk to others than her. 
- So... You wanna come to my house? She asked. - No thanks. - But whyyy? She whined. 
- Because.... I took a deep breath and sighed. - Because, I don’t like you. - That’s why, I continued. 
- What? Are you kidding me? She asked. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like her. She thinks that every fucking guy likes her. - Nope... Sorry and yeah, bye.. I stood up and jumped over her and Ryan. 
- Let’s go boys. I want to go now, I said. The boys nodded and we walked out of Starbucks.
Maybe finally Crystal understands to stay away from me.
- I’ll remember this Bieber! She yelled after us. - Wtf.. I just told her that I don’t like her, I said.
- Don’t worry about her.. She’ll get over it, haha, Christian laughed. 


I walked for a mile or so. Then I sat on a bench. I took my phone from my pocket. 
I searched for a number and pressed ‘’call’’. - Hey... It’s me.. Julie. Long time no talk, huh? Haha.
- Yeah, well.. I need to tell you something.

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