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Chapter 2: I hate this place...


I couldn’t sleep.. I had a headache. I just lay on the bed while Alex and Angela were sleeping. Alex looked so cute when he was sleeping. I couldn’t help, but smile. Angela snored and it annoyed me so much. I didn’t know that beautiful girls can snore too. Because.... Well that’s what she is, Angela is beautiful, her blue eyes, long blond hair. She isn’t too tall, she isn’t fat, she is just normal. She is pro at school, even though boys think she is stupid, only because she is blond. I think that hair-color doesn’t matter at all. Sure all the boys are after her and to be honest, I’m little jealous. It’s not like I care that much, because I have Alex and he loves me for who I am, but my brown hair and bluegreen eyes or whatever my eye-color is, it's definitely not as beautiful as Angela’s. But I’m good at school too, I want to get a good job. 
Since for a while Angela stopped snoring I tried to sleep again. 



- Guys hurry the fuck up! I yelled to the boys in rehearsals. - What is wrong with you! Hit the puck in the goal! I continued. Then it was my turn to try again. I skated, made a little trick and dang, the puck was in. Of course it was, I mean, I’m the best. Everytime I tried, it went in. - C’mon Ryan! You can do better, I said. - Last time I checked, you weren’t the coach. It’s Richard, you remember? He snapped.
It was 11pm already and the boys were getting tired, I wasn’t. I’m always full of energy.

We practiced a little more, then Richard told us to stop. - Okay. Good job guys. See you again tomorrow, Richard said. The boys said goodbye and I was about to leave to changning room too, but Richard stopped me. - Hey Justin, he said. - What? - Good job today. We’re almost ready for the next game, he continued. - Thanks coach, I said and did a handshake with him. Then I went to changning room. Almost every boy had left, expect Ryan, one of my best buddies. - Sup? I asked.
- Nothing. - What’s wrong with you? I asked again. - Nothing. - Can’t you say anything else? I laughed. He just rolled his eyes. - Wtf, bro.. - I could ask the same from you... You act like you’re a coach, when you’re not... - But, I’m the captain, ok, so... - That’s different, you’re supposed to encourage the team, not yell stupid stuff. You’ve got some special skills, but don’t you dare to think that you’re somehow better person than the rest of us, you’re just better player. Without Richard you’d be nothing, Ryan said. - Damn, Ryan you sound like a girl. Okay, I’ll be nicer in the future. Chill down, buddy, K? I said. I went and made a handshake with him. He resisted it first, but then I saw his half smile and I knew, I won his side again. 
- You going home? I asked. He nodded. Ryan went in to my car and so did I. I started the car and the music started to play in full volume. I turned it down a bit. -So are you dating Ashley? I asked Ryan. - I’m not sure, who knows. She is really nice, he accepted. - And hot! I added. - I know right, but it’s not the main thing, haha. I just simply nodded. 

It was a long silence in the car, then Ryan started to talk again. - So.. What about you and Crystal? - Shit.. Don’t talk about her. She’s so annoying. - So you guys aren’t dating? - Definitely not, she probably thinks so tho.. I don’t have time for that, I said. 
He just agreed. I dropped Ryan, since it was his house already. - See you tomorrow, bro, I said. 
I drove to my house and walked in. Mom was still awake, even though it was 11:58pm already. - Justin honey! she said.
- Hi mom.. Sup? She walked up to me and hugged me. I just hugged her back. - Is something wrong? I asked.
- No. It’s just nice to see you. - Mom you saw me in the morning! I laughed. - But it’s over 12 hours ago! haha, she laughed too. She hugged me once more. - Goodnight mom, I love you. - Love you too! she yelled after me, while I walked in my room. 

I changed my clothes and jumped in my bed. 
I received a text message from someone. Crystal of course. I sighed and opened it.

Hi! I miss u so much :) can I see you tomorrow? <3

I threw my phone away and finally started to sleep.



- Good morning sunshine! Alex said as he woke me up. I blinked my eyes like a retard. 
- Why díd you wake me? I asked. - Because! Angela said that I have to.. Haha, he laughed.
But I didn’t laugh at all.. I didn’t sleep well, I had nightmares etc. - You know, you have to talk to your mom today? Angela said. - Yeah, but I can do it later! Now, I just want to sleep. Never wake me early, alright? I said.
I closed my eyes again. Soon I felt Alex tickle my tummy. - C’mon! Wake up! hahaha... - Stop it you idiot! I was yelling, but no.. He didn’t stop and even Angela joined with him. She tickled my feet. - Fuck off!! I yelled as I started to sit. Alex fell a little back and he crashed a little at my bedside table. The picture of me and Justin fell down and the glass got broken.
- Look! Look what you guys did! You broke it! I yelled. - I’m so sick of this! Alex stood up and he and Angela both said sorry. I couldn’t care less. The picture is broken! Well, the glass is, but whatever. - Can you guys please just leave for a second? I asked my eyes closed. They left downstairs and I slammed the door closed. - I told them to not wake me up early! I yelled loudly. 
I hate this place. I picked up the pieces of glass and put them in the waste basket. I also took the picture and put it back on that table. I jumped in my bed and pressed my face in the pillow and yelled. I was so angry right now. 


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