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Chapter 1:

3 years later


- Yeah, sure... In 15 minutes? Alright, alright, I was talking on phone. 
Angela was beckoning something to me. - Oh yeah. Yes, you can come, but.... Angela is here too and she is not going to leave, haha, I laughed.
- Mmm.. Yes, she is staying here over the night..... Yep, we can all sleep in my room. Okay, bye! I ended the call.. - It was Alex, right? Angela asked. I just simply nodded. Alex and I have been dating for a year now.
Angela has been my best friend almost since I moved to New Jersey, three years ago. She has been there, when Justin stopped answering my texts and stuff like that. Then she introduced Alex to me and he seemed to be nice and that’s what he is. - Will he stay here over the night too? she asked. - Yep... If it’s okay to you? - Sure. It’s gonna be fun! she said excited.

While we waited Alex, I lied on my bed and thought everything. Usually;
Why did Justin stop answering my texts? Should I move back to Canada with mom? What would Alex and Angela think about that? That’s all probably. The sad part is that I don’t know the answer to either of those questions. Suddenly I heard the door of my room to open. I looked there and it was Alex. - Heeey, he said and hugged me. - Hi, I said and smiled to him. - What about me? Angela asked laughing. I laughed too. 
- Hi to you too then, Alex said chuckling. I just closed my eyes and Alex started to lay next to me. I didn’t say anything, none of us did. After 5 minutes or so - Are you alright Julie? Angela asked. - Yeah, I’m fine. Why? I said. - Usually you talk all the time, Alex said. - Yeah! And do you mean that you really are fine or that you are dying inside? 
They annoy me sometimes, but I know they only mean good.
- Well.. I’ve been wondering this for a while.. Since mom suggested me this... But, I’m wondering if we should go back to Canada for holidays.. It’s christmas soon and my birthday of course.
They didn’t say anything and I just looked down. - Only for christmas or like forever? Angela asked sadly. I bit my bottom lip and I wasn’t sure what should I say. - Well.. Mom said that she might have to return back to her old job and that she wants to go back to Canada... To see dad, I miss him too tho.. I haven’t seen him in 10 months, He visited here last time in February, I said. They just nodded and agreed. 
- But let’s not worry about that! Let’s watch a movie or something! I yelled. - Which one? Alex asked. - SLEEPOVER! me and Angela yelled together.. - Stupid girly movie, but whatever, he sighed.

Since the movie ended, Angela went to bathroom and I sat next to Alex on the bed. Alex looked at my bedside table. - Julie... he said. I just looked at him. - What? I asked. - Are you planning to back to Canada, because of him? he asked and pointed at the picture of me and Justin together. I took a deep breath and sighed. I closed my eyes and hold back tears. I was sad, because I missed me and Justin as best friends so much.
I don’t even know what happened to us, that’s what sucks and that’s the reason why I want to go to back to Canada. I wanna know why he didn’t answer my texts or keep in touch. - He is one of the reasons... But we’ve never been in a relationship. He is my best friend.. Or was..
- Yeah , I know.. You’ve told me before. Do you miss him? he asked.
- More than you could ever imagine, I said my eyes closed. - You haven’t showed it before. - Yeah, because it hasn’t really bothered me before. A year after me and mom moved here, he stopped texting me, even thought before that we were texting everyday. 2 years after that he only wished me happy birthday and answered my birthday wish to him.. And now that it’s 3 years, he didn’t even answer my birthday wish to him... I tried to ask dad, but he just said Justin is so busy with ice hockey and all.. Well anyways, I just want to know if everything is okay with him, I want our best friend- relationship back, I said. - But Angela is your best friend now, he said. - Yeah, I know but.. It’s different. I’ve known Justin since we were little. I hope you understand what I mean, I said. He didn’t say anything. He just nodded and that’s when Angela came back laughing. - Why are you laughing? I asked. - I don’t know! she yelled laughing. That made me laugh too.

- Let’s talk more tomorrow, I’m tired, I said. - What does she mean? Angela asked from Alex. - Nothing, he said. - OOH!! Now I get it! she said. But she got it all wrong. - No, no.. Umh, anyways.. Goodnight, I said and kissed Alex and hugged Angela of course. - Goodnight, they both said. Then we started to sleep. 

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