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Justin fanfic

by Jansuu




How It All Started:



I walked to my home with Justin from school. It was Justin’s 14th birthday. March 1st 2008. Me and my family, plus Pattie Justin’s mom aka my godmother, planned him an amazing present! - How does it feel to be 14? I asked giggling. - Normal. You’ll see when you’ll have your birthday in December. Haha, it probably sucks to be you, he said joking.
Yes, it pisses me off that Justin is so much older than me, well about 10 months, but anyways.

I knocked the door and mom opened it, Pattie behind him. They started to sing - Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Justin, happy birthday to you!. Pattie hugged him and she actually started to cry. - You’re so big already! she sniffled and stroked Justin’s head. - Mom stop it! Justin laughed. They have an amazing mother&son relationship. - Is Justin already here? my dad asked. We all just nodded and dad walked in with a HUGE present. - This is for you kid, he said to Justin. -Thanks man, he replied. Justin started to open the packet and suddenly his eyes widened. - You must be kidding me! Justin yelled and started to jump. He was so excited, I was just smiling. - New skates! This is so amazing! Julie are you behind this? Justin asked. - Maybe, I said and winked. Well, Justin told me he needs new skates, since he is a captain of the Stratford’s Hockey Team, or whatever it is. My dad is a coach. - Thanks he said quietly and went to hug my dad. He is kind of Justin’s dad too, because Justin’s dad Jeremy doesn’t meet him that often. Pattie is a single parent. 

We were celebrating and Justin was still so excited about the skates. I was happy to see him like that. He might be small, but he is definitely worth to be a captain. Dad is always telling me how good he is etc.
Suddenly my mom beckoned something to dad. Dad went over her. - We should tell to Justin now, she said and dad agreed. I wondered what they were about to tell. - Justin&Julie both of you. Justin, I know it’s stupid to tell you this today, because it’s your birthday, but we have something to tell you both. Dad nodded and I saw Pattie nodding too. - Well... Sandy has a new job... - That’s awesome! I yelled. - Well done Sandy! Justin said. - Yes, but.. It’s in New Jersey, USA, dad finished. Suddenly Justin’s face dropped and he looked sad. Pattie walked over him.
- It means that me and Julie are gonna move there. Richard will stay here, coaching the team, mom continued. - WHAT?! I yelled. I was about to cry. Justin started to look angry and he stood up and ran outside.
Dad was about to ran after him. - No! Pattie said. - It takes time. Julie is his best friend. He is just going to the ice rink. Play or something, she continued. I started to cry and Pattie hugged me. - Don’t worry, you can always visit here, Richard and of course Justin too, Pattie said. - Yes and it’s not that bad! You’ll get new friends in USA! It’s gonna be fun, mom said. - Why didn’t you tell me! My life is in here! I’m only gonna be 14! Friends are everything to me! Don’t you even dare to talk about replacing them! I yelled and ran into my room.


Later that day, mom came into my room. - Pattie left already. She said that Justin is not home yet. He is probably still playing, she said. I didn’t say anything. I was still mad at her. - I understand that you’re sad. I should have tell you earlier. But you know what? Distance can be huge, but friendship doesn’t need to end. We can come to meet Dad, Pattie and Justin, she continued. - Why isn’t dad coming with us? I asked. - He needs to coach the team. You know it’s everything to him, besides you. 
I smiled a bit. I had always been a little daddy’s girl, if you know what I mean. That’s why it was so hard for me to leave, without dad. And Justin? I’ve known him since I was little. Mom and Pattie are best friends, just like me and Justin. We can tell everything to eachothers, I’m always cheering for Justin in games and hockey is Justin’s life. Some people might think that it’s stupid to have a boy as a best friend, but I don’t think it’s not. It’s better than having a girl as a best friend. 
- When are we leaving? I asked. - In two days. - That soon?! I yelled. 
- Yeah, you should start to pack. But before that, I think you should meet Justin. Go to the ice rink, mom said. I nodded and stood up. - Why by the way.. Why did you have to get a new job? I asked. - I’ll get 2 times better wage than now. I hope you understand, she said. I nodded again and changed clothes and ran over the ice rink.

I saw Justin slamming some pucks in to a goal. - Justin! I yelled and he skated over me. We sat in to the auditorium.. - So.. I said. He looked at me. -Me and mom are gonna move in two days, I said. He sighed. 
2 minutes silence... and suddenly Justin says something. - Why do you have to move? he asked. - Because, mom.... - Yeah, I know, but.. Why do you have to go with her? he asked. - Mom said that she needs someone with her and that dad is so busy with this team and coaching, you know.
- I’m gonna miss you. Who is gonna do that crazy stuff with me when you leave? he laughed. - I know, but you know what. We’ve been best friends for so many years. The distance doesn’t matter. I’m gonna come to meet you all in here! and you can visit me and mom too. Deal? - Deal, Justin said. - Best Friends forever? I asked. He nodded. - Pinky promise? 
I said. Then we made a pinky promise. - At least, you have Ryan and Chaz and the whole hockey team, I said. - Gladly. I’m sure you’ll get new friends too, Justin said and hugged me. Then we left, Justin went home and I went home.


Soon before I even noticed. I said goodbye to Dad, Pattie and Justin, I was in New Jersey, with mom. New house, new country. Which means new friends and challenges. I’ll keep in touch with Justin, it’s a promise. 

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